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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are great tools for meditation. They have been used in Tibetan, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions for hundreds of years and have gained popularity in the Western World in the past few decades. They can be made from metal, as well as different types of crystals.

Most commonly, singing bowls are used to guide meditation or accompany yoga in the West, but there are many different, beneficial uses of singing bowls. 

The vibrations produced by sound have a direct affect on all states of matter. The human body is comprised of 45-78% water. For this reason, the vibrations produced by the singing bowls can be felt throughout the entire body.


Practitioners of singing bowls have found that singing bowls possess the ability to treat and realign chakras. Singing bowls may be used for chakra healing, meditation, sound healing, and even just simple listening and relaxation.


Handpans are classified as a subset of the steel pan drum and fit into the idiophone class of musical instruments. Idiophones are instruments that create sound primarily by the vibration of the instrument itself, without the use of airflow.


The original "handpans" were developed in 2001 by a company called PANArt in Bern, Switzerland. Any handpan built by this company is instead referred to by its original name: Hang. Handpan has become the more common name for the instrument since 2007, as more manufacturers have customized their own designs. 

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