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Joe McGuth


About Joe

Accomplished and dependable professional musician

Performer with nineteen years of experience, teacher with nine years of experience. A reputation in performance, effective practice methods, time management, and communication skills. Experienced in teaching lessons, classes, and bands. Excellent communicator with strong speaking, writing, and analytical skills. 


In 2016, Joe recieved a full tuition scholarship to Rowan University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies in 2021.  Prior to graduating from Rowan University, Joe received the 2016 Springfield Township High School Louis Armstrong Memorial Award, the 2017 Ellen Farish Memorial Scholarship, and the New Jersey Jazz Society scholarship in recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of jazz at Rowan University in 2018. 
Joe has performed and worked closely with noted musicians such as Oliver Nelson Jr., Denis Diblasio, Jeff Coffin, Dean Schneider, Behn Gillece, Timothy Schwarz, Dean Witten, Lisa Bouchelle, and Lauriana Mae.  He was a featured guest artist in the Rowan Wind Ensemble twice in 2017 and played drum set in the Rowan Big Band from 2016-2018. In addition to live performances, he records regularly in studio and is able to be heard through the music of artists Beya, Soularium, and Maggie Loar and live at the Jersey Shore with local musicians as well as in and around Philly with the Aaron Parnell Brown Quintet. He has performed at venues such as SOUTH, Chris' Jazz Cafe, Time Restaurant, Anchor Rock Club, Paris Bistro & Jazz Cafe, Heritage, Black Squirrel Club, Phantom Power, Golden Nugget Atlantic City, Tropicana, Shanghai Jazz, and the Brooklyn Bazaar.  



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